ConnVerge, Inc. Consultants in human resources, compensation, benefits
and retirement plans since 1986

Three-plus decades of proactively and positively:

  • Redefining convergent solutions for human resources (HR), employee benefit programs, group-insurance plans, healthcare systems and services.

  • Reshaping outsourced business processes into well-managed, innovative, staff-sensitive, service-oriented, and customer-centric operations.

  • Revitalizing internal jobs and work cultures with a renewed sense of inspiration, interaction, engagement, purpose, and belonging.

  • Reinforcing human dignity, equality, integrity, excellence, responsibility, and volunteer outreach to promote the common good.

Practice Areas

Healthcare, group insurance, compensation, benefits, internal HR programs

 Qualified and non-qualified group health, life, disability, long-term care, dental, and vision plans

 Total-rewards systems, staff / executive compensation, incentives, retention and severance

 HR program design, implementation, staffing, training, automation, assessment, and improvement

 HR systems (HRIS), payroll, accounting, learning, and insurance interfaces

 Employee relations, EEO and affirmative action plans, discrimination and harassment prevention

 Compliance with governing State and Federal regulations

Outsourced HR, benefits, group insurance, and retirement systems

 HR, health, life, compensation, benefits, and retirement plans design, documentation, marketing, implementation, administration

 Dedicated call and customer service center development, staffing, daily operations, quality assurance, production goals and controls

 Client, consultant, provider, administrator relations

Enterprise growth and transformation

 Business, strategic, and succession planning, opportunity assessment

 Process analysis, identification, reengeneering, prioritization; performance enhancement

 Change management, productivity and capability development, reorganization, rightsizing

Small business start-up and technology

 Facilities, equipment, telephony, computer systems, and social networking / marketing


 Third-party administration

 Business-process outsourcing

 Federal civilian and military agencies

 Investment brokerage and financial services

 Group health, life, dental, vision, long-term care plans

 Healthcare systems and services: plans, institutions, providers

 Real estate development, construction, and property management

Core Competencies

Certified instructors

 Flexible compensation and benefits

 Consumer-driven / employee-choice plans

Master practitioners

 Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

 Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

 Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)

 Premium Conversion (PCP), Modular, Core-Plus, Full-Flex plans

Subject matter experts

 Defined-contribution retirement plans

 Healthcare reform--Affordable Care Act (ACA)

 Healthcare and group insurance programs, systems, and services

 TPA operations, consultant engagement, and vendor management

 Benefit systems' design, development, implementation, and compliance

Outsourcing advisors

 HR, health, life, compensation, benefits, retirement plans:

 Feasibility studies, venture analyses, risk assessment

 Pricing, profitability, market positioning

 RFQ / RFP / proposal generation, consulting

 Client acquisition and retention, contract negotiation

 Consultant, provider, fund-manager relations

 Cost containment, contingent-risk reduction

 Engagement management, best practices

 Communication programs' design, onsite presentation

 Master plan sponsorship, plan documentation

 Dedicated claims processing, customer service

 Call-center staffing, training, effectiveness

 Due diligence, compliance, Federal filings, problem resolution